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Apr 01, 2008 at 08:00 AM

Regarding postings


hello sap guys,

i am bit confused regarding the posting to the accounts.

Suppose i have one semifinished material and rawmaterial.Now when i do the goods issue of raw material for semi finished material than these much amount of rawmaterial cost will be deducted from Raw material G/L account(stock account) which we can see in material master Accounting view and than where this cost gets posted? because every goods movement has two postings, right?If i am not wrong than to the raw material consumption could you plz tell me which are these accounts?

similarly if i do the goods receipt for semifinished material than that much amount of semifinished material cost will be posted to semifinished material account and from where it deduct that much cost?

And one more thing could you guys plz tell me where the primary cost elements gets used?

I know i have asked couple of questions together but they all are related to the same i thoght it was better to club them together.