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Apr 01, 2008 at 05:11 AM

Problem in mapping GP parameters and process completion



I have a block which is sequential and it contains:

1. action ( the first screen of the process)

2. an alternative block ( 4 actions)

3. when i run the process, following happen:

a. the first screen opens up with proper details

b. on click of button, second screen as well opens up. But the data that gets passed is only the gp single attributes. Any tabular structure data doesnt get passed.

c. on second screen, if i click reject, it displays the last screen as per the result state set, but again no data gets passed ( in this not even the single attributes)

d. on second screen, if i click accept, it goest to the third screen as per the result state set, but no structure data gets passed. Only single attributes are displayed.

e. on the second screen, when i click next button, it doesnt display the thrid screen, just a message that action is completed. Whereas, ideally it should take the user to the fourth screen.

4. i have mapped all the attributes in the alternative block.

5. when i created sequential block, in that as well, all the attributes of first action and alternative block were grouped. ( whats the difference between group and propose consolidation functionality)

6. i have set the targets in the result states of second and third screens.

Second screen has 2 conditions: if approved, goes to third screen, and if rejected, it goes to the last summary screen.( both happening, but data not getting passed)

Third screen has only one result state - success. for this also , i have set the target as fourth screen, but it doesnt appear.( not happening)

Can anyone please help in this regard.

Thanks & regards,