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SAP PO 7.4 -> REST Adapter produce no logs

Dec 12, 2017 at 05:02 PM


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Hi All,

We are running SAP PO (Java only) 7.40 Stack 16 and we have configured the REST Receiver channel like

Where the Element Name and Namespace match that of how configures in ESR and the SI and the OM have all been setup to Synchronous and the iFlow seems to be working as expected.

But we are not getting a JSON response back to PO and we are not seeing the JSON body anywhere in any of the logs even though I have enabled “Log JSON Message”

If we look at the message logs all I can see the Server Returned Code of 200 and the REST finished.

We have taken the same payload and header details and sent it through ARC and we get a valid return code of 200 and the JSON response.

We have tried increasing the trace level via log configuration for the rest adapter to no avail...

Can some one please shed some light into this?

Regards, JP

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Ariel M. Bravo Ayala Dec 12, 2017 at 11:32 PM

Hello Juan,

My understanding is that you are not going to get any payload for synchronous messages if you do not specifically enable it. (The payload is removed to avoid memory overflow)

Check this note:

What do you want to check? You can also use the tcpgateway and/or the xpi_inspector to check more details.

Best regards,

Ariel Bravo Ayala

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Hi Ariel,

We had already updated the parameters suggested on the note...

messaging.syncMessageRemover.removeBody = false

messaging.syncMessageRemover.messageCount = 1000 (Default)

and we still cant see the payload... now, I have not restarted the system as this parameters are "changeable" but I'm going to do that now

Regards, JP


Hi Juan,

First of all is the rest service responding back with the payload ? Hva you tried to post the same request via PostMan or SOAP UI ?




Yes, payload is visible in SOAP UI.

The extended logs did the trick!

Regards, JP