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Application Enablement and HANA

I have a simple question, in Application Management there is HANA database?

As you know at the moment all the Predictive Solution are based on HANA Database and my question is if we can choose it during my Application Enablement configuration, If yes how?

If HANA is available, is it possible to access to it by Front-end tools



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    Dec 14, 2017 at 04:45 PM

    Yes, there is a Hana database in the IoT Application Enablement service. There is also a Cassandra database and a Long-term database.

    But, this database is not available to front-end tools. You can access the sensor data in IoT Application Enablement through multiple apis tailored to typical use cases for IoT - but you do not get SQL level access to it. There are multiple reasons for this discussed below.

    What can you do if you still want to work directly on the data? Please treat below answers with a grain of salt - you need to find out what makes most sense for your current situation and project phase. This is not a complete list.

    1. Fork the data with the http forwarding service in IoT Service 4.x to additionally feed into the database of your choice
    2. Use the analytical OData api to extract subsets of the (aggregated) data into analytical tools or into UI's you built for this purpose
    3. Extract subsets of the (raw) the data from IoT AE using bulk download apis
    4. Leverage the Anomaly Detection and Failure Prediction and Machine Learning with R capabilities in the latest version of PDMS - those features directly (from a customer point of view) work on top of IoT Application Enablement data

    Reasons for not providing direct database access: For one, storing really large amounts of sensor data in Hana would be to expensive. Secondly full SQL access would mean that certain SQL commands could seriously impact the performance of other requests on the same Hana or eat up server resources otherwise. This would reduce scalability required for such a cloud service. Thirdly iot application enablement is designed to provide access to the sensor data taking into account authorization at the individual user level. This means its meant to be used for controlling access to the sensor data for operational applications used by end users. This way the sensor data can be re-used across applications and use cases and the access rights can be centrally defined. So its not meant to be a service used by a data scientist directly.

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