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Former Member
Mar 31, 2008 at 08:06 PM

Custom Validation exit for FV50 - UF03



My requirement with this validation is to check if more than two different business areas are being used in the line-items while posting from FV50. I created the custom exit in the program ZGGBR000 (UF03) and plugged it into the validation step created in OB28.

Can somebody help me with the coding to be written in the exit? When i went into the debug, the user-exit is being called once for every line item and my requirement is to compare data across different line items. Here's an example to make it clear,

Line Item Bus Area

10 210

20 240

30 210

40 360

I should give an error for the above posting because they are tryin to use 3 different business areas (210, 240, 360) for the above posting. (Only two business areas can be used in one posting)