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Mar 31, 2008 at 08:03 PM

Logic for end routine


Hello Gurus

I am trying to load the values into a field named Ysind which is present in a cube in BI 7 based on the following logic.

I have three tables with the following corresponding fields

Table1: /BIC/PYMAT

Fields: Ymat, Prdh5


Fields: Prd_hier, TXTMD

Table3: result_fields (refers to the ODS fields which feeds the Cube)

Fields: Ymat


Ysind should be equal to TXTMD from /BIO/TPRD_HIER if Prd_hier from /BIO/TPRD_HIER = Prdh5 from /BIC/PYMAT and Ymat from /BIC/PYMAT = Ymat from result_fields

Can you provide me with a sample code or the logic for the end routine to be implemented between the ODS and the cube for this. Furthermore, how can i use internal tables for this purpose.

Any help in this regards is appreciated and points will be assigned.