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Mar 31, 2008 at 06:26 PM

Rework order creation without material


Hello guys,

I created one production order of qty 100.Inside it there are 2 operations.While doing the confirmation by single entry time ticket for 2nd operation ,i put yield as 80 qty and rework as 20 qty.Then in Goods movement overview screen,i did the goods receipt for 80 qty.

Now,i created Rework order(order type PP03) of qty 20 by co07(prod order without material).There i selected the reference oper set and in settlement rule i selected category as order and gave parent order number over there and saved.Later i did the confirmation by colln.

Now, when i go to do the goods receipt for this rework order by mb31,it gives error as "No valid order item exist for order."Its message no is c6008.How should i solve this error.

should i have to do the goods receipt of total 100 qty while doing the confirmation as yield 80 qty and rework 20 qty?

one more question,if i did like this than later on no need to do goods receipt for 20 qty,right?As we have settled this rework order cost on parent order(in settlement rule i have selected category as ord and i gave the parent order no.),when i go inside this parent order by co02 to see the cost,its not showing the rework order cost inside it.why its so?