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when we transport in sap . It hanged or in Data and Cofile nothing is showing.where is the problem ? I thing one Program RDDIMPDP shold be run . how this program shold be run. and How to check TRBAT and TRJOB Table. how to clear these table.

what is RDDNEWPDP ?

Please give me step by step . this Question have been asked me in interview.

How shold i will repply .If this question again asked?

Thanks & Regards

Jagdish Kumar

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3 Answers

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    Mar 31, 2008 at 09:10 PM

    Execute RDDIMPDP thru SE38

    For more information read this

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  • Mar 31, 2008 at 09:25 PM

    Hi Kumar

    Each export from a source system and each import into a target system

    can be split into different phases or transport steps. Some of these

    steps are performed by external programs (tp and R3trans) and some by

    ABAP programs within the system. The task of the program RDDIMPDP is to

    start and monitor all steps performed by ABAP programs.

    The external transport control program tp uses entries in the tables

    TRBAT and TRBATC to pass information on the transport steps. This

    information includes the type of transport step (function), the

    transport requests involved and possibly the client where the transport

    step is performed. tp then triggers an SAP event of the transport

    dispatcher to start RDDIMPDP as a background job in client 000.

    To perform the transport steps, RDDIMPDP starts the corresponding ABAP

    programs in separate background processes. Information on the background

    processes that have been started is placed in the table TRJOB. This

    table is then used later to check the status of the processes. If a step

    ends successfully, or if it runs with errors, then an appropriate entry

    is made in the tables TRBAT and TRBATC. tp analyzes this information and

    then deletes it from the tables TRBAT and TRBATC.

    Executing the report RDDNEWPP schedules the transport dispatcher

    RDDIMPDP as an event-controlled background job in the current client.

    The transport dispatcher RDDIMPDP must be scheduled as a background job

    in client 000 and in all the clients from which data is exported or into

    which data is to be imported.

    When you execute the report RDDNEWPP, you are asked whether you want the

    job to be scheduled as normal (job class C) or with high priority (job

    class A). If you choose high priority, the transports will have priority

    over other background jobs.

    RDDIMPDP can be scheduled or rescheduled at any time by executing

    RDDNEWPP. Any earlier scheduling in the same client is deleted.

    I hope this ca help you .

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    Apr 01, 2008 at 05:00 AM


    check Note 11677 - Transports with event-controlled RDDIMPDP

    also close your following forum thread

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