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Mar 31, 2008 at 02:19 PM

File-to-File/RFC scenario with reading filename



i have a File-to-File/RFC scenario which causes some problems in desining it correctly. Maybe some of you has an idea how to do this.


- A file is picked up by a File-Adapter. The files are different: pdf, doc, tiff, jpg, txt, ...

- The file must now go through a business process (not necessary the file, but i need the filename in the business process).

- The process has to contact several backend systems (SAP R/3) to collect some data. To achieve this the filename has to be send to this systems.

- The collected data are send via SOAP to a receiver system

- The file itself has to be stored in a directory via File-Adapter.

Here's my problem:

- Is it possible to transport the binary file content within a message which contains other elements (e.g. filename)?

- Is it possible to do graphical mappings with such a payload (only 1 to 1)? Or must i use Java Mappings only?

- How to generate a Message from the sender File Adapter which contains binary file content AND filename? Is this possible with a Module?

- Is it better to create 2 messages with an adapter module? One with the image the other with the filename. Or is it better to split them later in a Mapping?

Thanks in advance,