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Mar 31, 2008 at 01:26 PM

How to handle 2 semanticaly different characters with same master-data?


Hi specialists,

I've got a little moddeling problem - here's the szenario:

I've got a cube with a dimension "Customer".

This dimension shall have the following characteristics

- CustomerNumber (0Customer),

- Region_Cust (0Region (or reference of 0Region))

- Country_Cust (0Country (or reference of 0Country))

- Region_ShippedTo (ZRegion (=Reference of 0Region))

- Country_ShippedTo (ZRegion (=Reference of 0Region))

(The mentioned Info-Objects are just a proposal)

The regions need to be in the cube (for historical correctness) - (Display-)Attributes won't help.

The hatch: 0Region has a compound with 0Country. There seems to be no way to tell Region_ShippedTo to use ZRegion for the compound.

Let's say a customer has it's headquarter in Germany(Region: Berlin) - while the product is shipped to the brance in France(Region: Ile-de-France). Imho this is currently not modellable.

So how can one implement that (not that artificial) szenario without beeing forced to dublicate and keep synchronized the 0Country-InfoObject and all of its master-data? Master-Data should imho follow the idea of beeing centralized - it should be useable for the customer country/region as well as for the shipped-to country/region.

Could you please gimme a hint how to solute that problem?