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Lumira Discovery - BW live connection Prompt Merging error

Dec 15, 2017 at 01:01 PM


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We installed Lumira Discovery 2.0 in our enviroment.

The problem comes when making a BW live connection, opening different composites the prompts for initial values tend to merge causing errors and dont let the data source to open cause they are receiving a wrong input. Here are some photos of the problem.

First we try opening composite1 with its own prompt - no problems

Now we try opening our second composite which give us this prompt (similar to the first composite)

But it should give us this prompt for the composite in question.

Same goes if we do the same process other way round, the prompt for our first composite would result in something like this.

We would really like to know why this is happening, its really a big problem if we plan to work with lumira discovery/designer for dashboard making.

Using this opportunity i would like to ask why Lumira Discovery doesnt show options for editing/creating measures and new dimensions when using a BW live connection. This prevent us from making customization for our data at Lumira Level.

Thanks in advance

merge1.png (20.6 kB)
merge2.png (16.8 kB)
merge3.png (25.0 kB)
merge3.png (25.0 kB)
merge4bug.png (16.5 kB)
merge5.png (9.4 kB)
merge6.png (14.0 kB)
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1 Answer

Tammy Powlas
Dec 15, 2017 at 01:07 PM

Hello Pablo - which SP of Lumira Discovery are you using? If at all possible, please update to SP3.

Regarding your last question, please review the SAP BI Support Matrix - it covers what Lumira Discovery supports with BW Live Connection

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I actually have Lumira Discovery SP02, i will try updating it to SP3 and comment the results.

Thank you very much!


Hi Pablo - good - also, FYI, Lumira Discovery 2.1 should be available for download today, so that is something to try if SP3 doesn't fix the issue

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I Upgraded my Lumira SP version to SP3 but it is still happening, I also noticed that on Lumira Designer is the same issue, when adding the datasource on the description (I noticed this only happens in Designer when I make True the merge prompts option)

I would like to know the possible causes of this problem, cause this prevents us from joining different datasources for a complete report on designer, making it a huge issue.



Hi Pablo - on SP3, perhaps open a SAP Support incident with SAP? Another alternative is to download 2.1 (both Discovery and Designer) - available today

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I tried upgrading to the latest version of Lumira Discovery (and Designer) 2.1, and I found myself with a lot of bugs.

First of all, the buttons in my screen are not in the correct place, sometimes they dont show and the visuals are all messed up when trying to click it.

Secondly, when i try connecting to BW live connection, 1) the program doesn´t ask for the credentials to connect to BW and i can´t add new datasets, the option is disabled

Here is a screenshot with all the problems, I found my self dissapointed at this, because trying to solve 1 problem I ended up with another one.



bugged.png (22.3 kB)

Pablo - I am really sorry to hear that. Please open an incident with SAP Support and reference this thread. Good luck