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Former Member
Mar 31, 2008 at 12:28 PM

to make parmanent changes to internal table inside a user exit


Hi All,

I am having a User exit to which I am passing a structure as importing parameter.

The user exit is not exporting the same structure, but is exporting some other values.

My problem is that I want to make parmanent changes in the structure I am passing to the user exit.

Currently what is happening:

I am passing the structure to the user exit. It has got 6 rows. Inside the user exit I am making some changes to a particular field of all the rows. Till the program control is inside the user exit the changes in the structure are visible. As soon as the control come out of the user exit, the values for the field are switched to teh old values(values before passing to teh user exit).

My question is, is there any method to make changes to a internal table inside a user exit and these changes are visible outside it when the program control come out of the user exit. (This is when the internal table to which the change is made in not exported by the user exit)