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Dec 14, 2017 at 09:15 AM

GR/IR Issue in Fund Management


Dear Gurus

I have been facing issue in Fund Management. Here is the issue.

I have posted a Budget for a commitment here in this example is 5200004 as 100,000

After that, I posted a Purchase Order with the base amount as 52,695 and other delivery charges such as Insurance and Custom Duty as 5269.50 and 57964.50 respectively. At the time of creation of Purchase Order, system give a warning message that the amount has been exceeded with 15,929 which was correct.

When I posted the Goods Receipt, the system posted three lines in fund Management. One was the original amount of Commitment item which is 115,929 and in the credit side, all the delivery charges which is not right.

Can you please guide me where I am doing wrong.

By the way, we are using ECC 6.0 EPH7.