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Issues Encountered when Publishing a Blog

I was hoping to describe some of the issues I encountered when publishing my first blog on the new SCN.

Getting Started with Kapsel SP 13+

I have an existing document that I host internally on a web server that I work on until a new version of our product is released. Once it is released I then take that HTML content and publish it to SCN.

  1. The document contains a number of <h2> and <h3> elements.
    These display nicely in Visual view of the SCN editor but in the published blog there is no space or margin above the <h2> or <h3> element and a big space below each one.
  2. The start of the document contains a table of contents which links to different sections of the document. There is a major section and then sub sections. The sub sections should be indented. I originally accomplished this using a series of Unfortunately the new SCN editor seems to occasionally remove these tags.
    I then switched to using the <dl><dt><dd> tags. This looks nice in the Visual Editor but looks poor in the published result. Here are are a few screen shots showing the difference.

  3. In my document I often have commented parts out using <!-- and -->. I still want the content to be there so I can reference (perhaps it includes additional references but I have chosen to not display all of them so I have hidden or commented them out).
    The new SCN editor does not appear to handle this well.
  4. It would be handy to have a save button be in the top text bar of the editor.


    Dan van Leeuwen

editor.png (27.7 kB)
published.png (13.6 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Oct 20, 2016 at 12:56 PM

    Thanks for the detailed description Daniel! While I do not expect this to demand fast action, perhaps it is an easy fix during other bug repairs.

    Cheers, Mike (Moderator)

    SAP Technology RIG

    PS I really hate that my group gets double spaced below my name! LFCR should be 0 lines, and not single. We already have enough wasted white space!

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