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Mar 31, 2008 at 06:31 AM

Having trouble viewing the print preview of sapscript


Hi experts,

I am currently developing a driver program that calls 13 different sapscript forms (which are also customized - has n existing standards). so basically, the whole program and the forms are all from scratch.

I've already executed the call function open, write and close forms, but everytime i test the program in the QAS, (the part where you can choose the print preview and the output device)

and press the print preview button, a dialog box appears telling me:

WRITE_FORM is invalid, OPEN_FORM is missing.

But i clearly stated that in my program.

Can anyone tell me how am i suppose to write the call functions that will let me see the print preview?

Also, at this moment, i'm not passing anything yet from the program to the form, i just want to check if the form is being called.