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ERMS-Email headers are removed while replying or forwarding

Dec 14, 2017 at 07:20 AM


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Hi CRM Team,

The email the is received in the agent inbox is can be viewed, replied or forwarded. But the issue I'm facing is that: when the agent replies on the email or forwards the email, all mail headers are removed.

From our system, we are setting certain mail headers for tracking purposes, but since ERMS is removing all headers, the email is not getting processed.

Can anyone please share any configuration setting that can be modified in order to ensure that ERMS replies or forwards retain mail headers from the incoming email or propose a workaround/ solution.



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Hello Roopa,

Which header do you mean? I made a screenshot. Is it the highlighted part missing?

As you mentioned 'we are setting certain mail headers for tracking purposes', what is it in details?

Best Regards, Corrine


Hello Corrine,

The headers which i need are: Message Id and References.

As part of sending the email, we put some tracking information in the Message id header and we need that information for further tracking in case the user replies or forwards that email to anyone else.

In normal mail clients, whatever is present in the Message id of the incoming mail gets copied over to the header called References and In-Reply-To. But when i reply on a mail from the ERMS, these headers are not present at all... this is causing problems on our end where we use that information in the References and In-Reply-To headers for keeping track of the mail thread.

While researching on this issue, I found the following links, where they indicate there are some settings that can be changed to make sure that the headers are not lost. Can you please take a look at it and help me.




Hello Roopa,

Still not very clear about your expectation details.

1. Do you mean tracking texts? Please check if the 'tracking text' parts in following help document is what you need:

There is some introduction to 'tracking text' in KBA 2535284 - CRM IC: tracking text or standard response not automatically added to E-Mail/E-Mail signature required for E-Mail Editor

2. If above 'tracking text' is not what you need, would you please provide all the steps you do in a standard business role? And then highlight and mark the places and values where your header are expected to appear?

3. May we know what you do in detail for 'we are setting certain mail headers for tracking purposes'?

Best Regards, Corrine


Thanks for the response Corrine.

1. No, i did not mean the 'Tracking Text'. This is usually in the mail body... what we are adding is in the mail header.

Our usecase:

1. As part of Ariba messaging feature, we send out email notifications to the customer's CRM, where the emails are handled by ERMS.

2. in the mails from Ariba, we populate certain headers of the email. i.e. Message-ID. see the SMTP mail headers at this link:

Header name         Protocol
   -----------         --------
   Date                Mail      Message date and time
   From                Mail      Mailbox of message author
   Sender              Mail      Mailbox of message sender
   Reply-To            Mail      Mailbox for replies to message
   To                  Mail      Primary recipient mailbox
   Cc                  Mail      Carbon-copy recipient mailbox
   Bcc                 Mail      Blind-carbon-copy recipient
   Message-ID          Mail      Message identifier
   In-Reply-To         Mail      Identify replied-to message(s)
   References          Mail      Related message identifier(s)
   Subject             Mail      Topic of message
   Comments            Mail      Additional comments about the
   Keywords            Mail      Message key words and/or phrases
   Resent-Date         Mail      Date and time message is resent
   Resent-From         Mail      Mailbox of person for whom message
                                 is resent
   Resent-Sender       Mail      Mailbox of person who actually
                                 resends the message
   Resent-To           Mail      Mailbox to which message is resent
   Resent-Cc           Mail      Mailbox(es) to which message is
                                 cc'ed on resend
   Resent-Bcc          Mail      Mailbox(es) to which message is
                                 bcc'ed on resend
   Resent-Reply-To     Mail      Resent reply-to
   Resent-Message-ID   Mail      Message identifier for resent

3. When any other mail client(Microsoft Outlook, Lotus notes, etc.) creates a reply mail it generally copies over the Message-ID on to another header called References. But that is not happening with replies from ERMS.

4. Please see the attached images, first one(incoming-mail-headers-dev3.png) is the incoming email headers as seen through a text editor, and second one(reply-mail-headers-dev3.png) is the reply email headers that are created by Outlook as part of the reply email.

The value for header called Message id in the incoming mail has been copied over to the 2 headers called References and In-Reply-To in the reply email.



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1 Answer

Corrine Guan
Dec 19, 2017 at 05:04 AM

Hello Roopa,

So from my understanding, you expect the message-id of original email to be contained in 'reference' and 'In-Reply-To' in the MIME of the Email replied from CRM, right?

Would you please upload the MIME file here for the replied Email? You can find it in the SOST ->select relevant mail -> Right click -> Display MIME representation. Details are:

Best Regards, Corrine

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Yes Corrine. Your understanding is correct.

I've attached the MIME format of the mail from CRM with this comment. prod-mail-mime.txt

You can see the Message-ID field in the header which has been added by our system. But when i reply on this mail or forward this mail, all the headers from incoming mail are lost.

prod-mail-mime.txt (20.2 kB)

Hello Roopa,

Thanks for your MIME text.

I made test in a system, I replied an Email in T-code SBWP. The replied email also doesn't contain 'references' and 'in-reply-to'. This question is more like a SAP E-Mail basic functions, maybe messaging protocol ? Technically, CRM application doesn't control the attributes in MIME when replying an Email.

I change the tag, hope someone will help.

Best Regards, Corrine


That's right Corrine. I also happened to get the same answer from one of the senior people in the CRM IC layer regarding this requirement.

Thanks for your research and help.