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Mar 31, 2008 at 04:17 AM

Reagrding WC having mulitiple individual facilities


Hi experts,

I need some information regarding wc master data.i.e., We are having a work center which is in leagcy calls for 8 digit nomenclature and the clients are very much clear that they want to go with that only.Upto here we can map in sap.But here this Work center is not a physical entity.It is just a defintion/specification of the machine.if there is similar type of machine it will be numbered as 8digit no +2 digit no ( count of the physical machine like 01,02,03).In total 10digit no is called as a physical identity of the machine only on this only "cost center" and machine no for "PM" will be linked.

Here in routing WC will be 8 digit one only.Because in routing they will give only specification of the machine and it is up to the production people who can choose the smiliar type of machine(01,02,03 like that) for executing the operation.

Eg. In routing WC will be like this " ABCDPQRS " -Calls only specification of the machine

machines having same specification may be 04 machines on the shop floor,they are no as





like this,these are physical machines.Here the production people only operates and confirms the operation against this 10 digit no only,even all othe modules "CO,"PM","HR" all are linked to this.

this is the problem.Please give me the solution at the earliest,Thanks in advance.

In this regard iam having my own query added to this problem.

We can attach individual machines in the capacity header.Can we call that individual capacity while booking/confirming the operation.

Another one is,is it possible that I will give a Work center in the routing while confirming i will use another Work center which is alredy defined in the system,Can we make that what ever the planned timings and cost will be flowed to the Work Center which I have called in conformation screen.