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FIORI Inbox 2 issue while loading item details


we are currently trying to implement a scenario based standard FIORI Inbox 2.0 and ran into several issues/errors.

App is able to fetch head data for decision workitems but not the details nor the footer buttons.

One error says function parameter 'INCLUDE_SUBSTITIONS' is missing, another is

RFC communication failed due to some missing parameters.

(no better screenshot avail.)

Our environment:

  • Gateway embedded on backend
  • most relevant component version:

    SAP_GWFND | 740 | 0017 | SAPK-74017INSAPGWFND SAP Gateway Foundation
    IW_PGW | 100 | 0009 | SAPK-10009INIWPGW Process Gateway
    UIX01CA1 | 100 | 0006 | SAPK-10006INUIX01CA1 UI für zusammengesetzte Anw.
    GBX01HR | 600 | 0007 | SAPK-60007INGBX01HR FIORI X1 HCM
    GBX01HR5 | 605 | 0004 | SAPK-60504INGBX01HR5 FIORI X1 HCM

Tile is configured for scenarioCollection entity with target mapping to the std. inbox 2.

Service doc. has been created as well as the system alias points to the backend (Connection tests succesfully).

Another funny fact that it doesn't matter whether the ICF-Service /default_host/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/CA_FIORI_INBOX is activated or not.

(Same behaviour both states.)

Any hint how to approach solving the issue?

We have already checked several tutorials, troubleshooting guides but didn't find any suitable hints regarding this until now.

Thanks for comments / Kind regards.

Jens W.

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