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Mar 30, 2008 at 10:30 AM

select query with secondary index



i have a report which is giving performance issues on a perticular select query on KONH table.

the select query doesnt use the primary key fields and table already has around 19 million entries.So there was a secondary index created for the fields in the table.

now, KONH is a client specific table, and hence has MANDT as the first field. when the table is not indexed it is sorted according to the order of fields, like first MANDT, then primary key fields and then remaining fields.. (correct me if i am wrong)

but the secondary index created doesnt has MANDT in it..(yea, a mistake! 😊 )...

but instead of correccting the secondary index, i am told to change the select query..

so, i used a "client specific" syntax to sort the issue.. but i dont understand whre i should put the "where mandt eq sy-mandt" clause..

should i put it right after all my secondary index fields are over? or what happens to the order of fields which are not present in the list of secondary index?

kindaly help.