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Mar 29, 2008 at 10:57 PM

Intranet or Internet whixh one to Use?


Hi All,

We are debating which one to Use is it Intranet or External facing Portal.

Requirement is.

1. Lots of documents needs to be maintained, serached so KM needs to be installed but no collaboration requirement.

2.As i know External facing Portal will not support WebDynpros, KM iviews apart from out of the box iViews, Business packages.There is some performance issue with KM iviews

Can any one tell me if i preffer External facing Portal

1. Can i use KM with TREX

2. I have seen a picture which says if a company employee logs in in LAN he will be directed to Stabdard Portal Frame but if Company Employee Logins in from Home (WAN) and other logins from internet they will be directed to Light framework page. In this context do we need to assign two desktop pages or if i assign Light framework page is fine. Please through more light on this.

3. In Case of External Facing Portal we need to set up Reverse Proxy what is the hard ware required.

4. Is there any Architecture difference in Intranet and External Facing Portal ( If you can provide diagrams will help)

5.As i know KM inturn has its own repository how can check this and do we need to size this if i am storing documents say in another 5-10 years, or can i use any other repository if so what are the avilable repsitories and configuration, sizing details.

6. Intranet portal can't be exposed to outside world what are the possible ways to expose intranet to web except EFP .

Thanks in Advance for your help