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How to group common Firm names in Data Services?

Dec 13, 2017 at 10:34 AM


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Hi Team,

I have Firms names like as below,

CVV Solution Ltd



How to group all CVV firm names to CVV Solution Ltd in another separate column,

CVV Solution Ltd

CVV Solution Ltd

CVV Solution Ltd

please share needful information.


Chandrasekhar .K

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1 Answer

Ravi kiran Pagidi Dec 13, 2017 at 10:46 AM


We have SAP Information steward Data cleansing packages. where You can create a package and you have to specify variations and a standard form. Variations will be CVV Solution Ltd, CVV Sol, CVV Ltd and Standard form will be CVV Solution Ltd. Suppose if you get new variations again like CVV Sol Lt then you have edit the cleansing package and this in variations. or you can add all possible variations before hand while developing only. or You can create a table with 2 colums Variations and standard and add like below and join with this table and map standard column to the output.

Variations Standard

CVV Solution Ltd CVV Solution Ltd

CVV Sol CVV Solution Ltd

CVV Ltd CVV Solution Ltd

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Thanks Ravi.

I have done the cleansing package as per your suggestion but in BODS I was not reflecting when I selecting Base Data Cleansing Transform.



Did you publish the package in information steward. After publishing only you can see the package in Data clease transform. Or try the other way creating a table and maintaining variations and standard forms in table.


Thanks Ravi for the response.

I have created a Data Cleansing and Firm names as below,

Note: I marked results are the firm names, here In 1st column as different variations of the firm names and 2nd column group is starting with "Berg" firm names.

I published Data Cleansing to Data Services and In output not shows NAME1 field name.

How to show NAME1 field data in Data Services

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