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Table(s) that holds Campaign & Campaign element related details in SAP CRM

Dec 15, 2017 at 08:42 PM


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Hi SAP CRM Gurus,

I am trying to find out the table(s) that hold the Campaign & Campaign element related details in SAP CRM.

If I know the tables, I would then directly write a query to check all the details from the back end instead of verifying from front end CRM system.

I would like to know all the details even if it's multiple tables that needs to be connected, but at the least would expect the following info for a given Campaign/Campaign Element,

  • “Campaign” level: General Data, Dates, Status, Channel
  • “Campaign Element” level: General Data, Dates, Status, Channel, Segments

Any help would be highly appreciated.



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1 Answer

Ricky J Dec 18, 2017 at 06:04 AM





Check tables start with CGPL*...


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Hi Ricky,

Thanks for the response, I checked the 3 tables & couldn't get details about channels, status etc. All it has is the GUID, campaign/element names, created by IDs & name of the campaign.

Also I checked all other tables that starts with CGPL in the CRM schema, but couldn't find any other table that meets my requirement. Do you have any other additional suggestions?




Hello Sri,

the campaign channel and more details are available in the following table:

CRM_MKTPL_ATTR - CRM Marketing Planner: Marketing plan/campaign attributes

The status is available in the following tables:

CRM_JSTO - Status Object Information
CRM_JEST - Individual Object Status

The status information can be fetched with the campaign / campaign element guid.

best regards,



Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the reply. This is really helpful. With these tables, I am able to check most of the fields, however I'm wondering if I could see the Target groups(names) attached to the Mail Group/Control Group from any tables.

See screen shot attached from CRM.



capture.jpg (26.8 kB)