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EDI1 and EDI2 cond.type - Sales order not get incompletion, block status for delivery and invoice



Hi experts,

i have question. I work with EDI Sales order type. Everithing is ok when i get EDI in to sales order created. Also EDI1 - Cust.expected price and EDI2 - Cust.expected value are populated and trigered in sales order. Problem is because if EDI1 is different then PR00 price. In standard then sistem need to block delivery and invoice, it need to set incompletnes on Sales order. at my case this not happen, and without problem can do delivery and invoice. in V/06 i use standard cond.types EDI1 and EDI2. I add them in my calculation procedure as it required in last steps of procedure in V/08. inV/08 I add to both EDI1 and EDI2 routines 8, because routine 9 is not in use anymore and have problems for currency conversions (this i read in SAP portal). I set all settings ok i think. Just in transaction VOFM i not know if sommething need to be setting also. Why i not get incomplete status in sales order if customer expected price EDI1 and EDI2 is different then my PR00 price? i add all prtsc of settings. Please for help.

v06-edi1.png (45.7 kB)
v06-edi2.png (46.2 kB)
v08-edi1edi2.png (30.2 kB)
vofm.png (30.3 kB)
sales-order.png (61.8 kB)
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    Dec 12, 2017 at 04:14 PM

    In the item category incompletion procedure what do you have assigned for CEPOK?

    I am mainly interested in the status group setting. If you use a custom status group - please share the settings.

    In my sandbox for TAN and CEPOK I have status group 05 (standard one), which has the following setting:

    If you suspect that something is wrong with your pricing calculation which can be a reason why CEPOK does not become B from routine 008 - place a breakpoint and check what is passed to difference variable.

    To make things easier to investigate in the test system, initially make a test case only with EDI2.

    Edit: would you please provide a link to the note saying that we should use 008 both for EDI1 and EDI2? I do not remember reading anything of that sort.

    Edit2: I ask for a reference note, because I seriously doubt that the code that I see in formula 008 in my sandbox is suitable for EDI1 condition type.

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