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Multiple Invoices in single park invoice in MIR7

Dec 12, 2017 at 12:30 PM


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Dear All

After implemetation of GST , we are park invoice in MIR7 for individual vendor bill.

PO No. 5200012000 ( Single PO)

Eg. Bill No.01 Park Inv No.5200000001

Bill No.02 Park Inv No.5200000002

Bill No.03 Park Inv No.5200000003 and so on

Now we have 17 Bills against 1 PO, so we have to park 17 invoices

is there is way to Park Single Invoice with multiple bill no and Post at once and comply with GST Norms.

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Jürgen L
Dec 12, 2017 at 12:46 PM

What are the GST norms? and if you mean it is a norm to have just 1 invoice for one PO, isn't it then your vendor who violates the GST norm?

Wouldn't it make sense to reject those 17 invoices and ask your vendor to just send 1?

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No, It's not violation of rule. Actually vendor have to issue GST invoice as per prescribe format. He can issue multiple invoice or single invoice as per terms & condition of PO. eg. Hotel Bills, 17 Room Booked so he issued 17 seperate bills for each room with uniq bill no.

Before pre-GST period we combine multiple bills and park single invoice in MIR7. Now in GST we have to park each invoice against each bill of vendor.

My query is that, is there is any option in SAP MIR7 to enter multiple Invoice No. in single Park Invoice


Is it technically impossible to do the same as before since GST? Do you get any error message when doing so?


No. No error.