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Error in Open Chanel Implementation in Hybris Marketing

Dear Experts,

I have implemented "open channel Integration" using Enhancement Options and using an use case E-mail creation, that means when Campaign executes, it sends an email to a specific Email and writes an Interaction for Members involved in Target Groups.

The following is working:

1. The Iflow is executed when Campaign is executed

2. There is no error returned from Cloud Platform Integration to Hybris Marketing

3. Without Enhacement 5, Campaign does not return error.

The following is not working:

1. There is no Interaction written to Members, following code has been added to Enahncement 5:

    template-id_origin            = 'SAP_ERP_CUSTOMER'.
    template-interaction_type     = 'LOY_POINT_ACCRUAL'. " This is a customer defined interaction type
    template-communication_medium = 'ONLINE_SHOP'.

2. The Campaign results into Error with following message:

Could you please explain where does ID come from? as I can not find attribute for ID in Enhacement 5.

Thanks and regards, Krish

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4 Answers

  • Dec 17, 2017 at 08:47 AM

    Hi Krishnendu,

    You can retrieve SAP ERP customer number from interaction contact key. It's really strange that there's no parameter with the name "ID" as it's essential to create an interaction. If there's no parameter with the name ID, it doesn't make sense to see message "invalid value for attribute ID". I guess there should be an attribute with the name ID, I just cannot see how it's set...

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    Former Member
    Dec 20, 2017 at 03:01 PM

    Hi Krishnendu,

    As Hakan already mentioned, the “ID” seems to be wrong, because the “ID” used for writing the interactions has to be the “ID” as specified by the “ID_ORIGIN”. You use the identifier origin “SAP_ERP_CUSTOMER” and the framework expects ERP customer identifier therefore.

    You could try to implement the BADI “(4) Open Channel: Enhance Payload for Data Transfer” to set the right identifier:

    LOOP AT target_group_member_status ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<ls_target_group_member_stat>).  
      " Replace the given identifier by ID_ORIGIN specific identifiers  
                                                         IMPORTING ET_CONTACT_FACET = data(lt_contact_facet) ).  
      READ TABLE lt_contact_facet  ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<ls_contact_facet>) WITH KEY id_origin = 'SAP_ERP_CUSTOMER'.  
      IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.  
        <ls_target_group_member_stat>-communication_id = <ls_contact_facet>-id.  

    The code snippet should demonstrate how to replace the identifiers only. You should provide a more performant implementation of course.

    I hope this helps.



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  • Dec 16, 2017 at 08:20 AM

    Hi Krishnendu,

    I haven't seen the full implementation, so it's kind of hard to assume what's wrong. But from what I can see, you don't provide an "ID" for interaction creation. You seemd to provide ID Origin, Interaction Type and Communication Medium. But I guesss at least you need to provde an ID (this should be ERP customer number in your case) and Timestamp value for your interactions.

    I hope this helps



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    • Hell Hakan,

      Thanks for your answer. Actually there is no parameter to provide ID, and the ID is provided by Hybris Marketing in runtime, it is actually the contact key of Target Group members. So somehow the system is not providing the ID and I do not know yet, if something extra to be done.

      Regards, Krish

  • Dec 18, 2017 at 07:01 PM

    Hello Hakan,

    I got the solution. Enhancement 4 also need to be implemented, although it is as “Optional” in sap document mentioned, this is require for outbound interaction. I got the answer from SAP, it works! :)

    Thanks, Krish

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