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Custom Tab of MM02. How to control whether fields are R/W or R/O, dynamically.

How can write protect a custom field within a custom tab on MM02, based on some kind of rule/logic?.

Changed question details as it was originally too complicated and was getting no answers,

Old message [

I already have a enhancement implementation for

IF_EX_BADI_MAT_F_SPEC_SEL~FIELD_SELECTION in place. We have a situation whereby certain materials are maintained OUTSIDE of SAP and updated by an import process. As a result we do not want any of the identified small selection of fields for one of these materials to be changed or update via transaction MM02. The code we have in place uses a lookup table to identify a material maintained outside of SAP, along with a given set of fields that need to be protected. This functionality is working just fine.

However, we have an extra tab added in the 'Additional data' section which shows Z* fields belonging to the MARM table. Although the fields of tab are identified as those that need to be protected the FIELD-SELECTION method is not protecting these, and I believe it's because this tab, and fields, where added by the client.

I was therefore wondering whether method


could be used in some way to achieve the same results obtained for all other screens/fields. I can find no documentation on this method and what it can be used for.

Incidently, other Z* fields are being set to R/O in other tabs perfectlty okay. As mentioned, I believe the issue might be because this tab has been added by the client ( I think) and therefore it may have to take a different approach to blocking updates of these fields if the material is deemed maintained outside of SAP.

Has anyone achieved anything similar to my requirement?.


has three methods. I'm already using FIELD_SELECTION with some success, but I have no documentation or examples on SPECIAL_FIELD_SELECTION or SUPPRESS_REQ_FIELDS_UPD.]

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  • I changed the subject header line as it was probably too wordy and was getting no comment or answers. Hopfully this simplified subject text may get some people reading the question, and possibly contributing.

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    Jan 04, 2018 at 10:18 AM

    Identify the subscreen created by customer, then look if it comply with 44410 - Integrating customer-specific fields in the material master.

    Hint: analyze PBO logic in your case (MODULE feldausahl?) and look at customizing table T130F records for those zz-fields.

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    • Execute SM30 on view V_130F or call transaction OMSR. Thedialog program will provide you with a navigation to Field Selection Maintenance (from File Selection Group field of table T130F)

      Hint: in SPRO look for 'Assign Fields to Field Selection Groups' in Material Master, Field Selection.