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Dec 13, 2017 at 01:53 PM

Post update of FI Text (SGTXT) field for external use (*)



in FI data for my client, Text (SGTXT) field was regulary updated for each document. However, my client didn't knew this SAP rule:

“Line item texts can be used internally and externally. To be able to

distinguish between these, you must begin texts for external use with

"*". These texts can then be printed on all correspondence, dunning

notices, payment advice notes, etc. The asterisk is removed when the

text is printed.”.

so now as result, these texts *can't* be printed on all correspondence documents.

Can this behavior of system be disabled somewhere in configuration, so Text (SGTXT) field *can* be printed on all correspondence, *without* placing "*" sign before begining of texts?

Thank you very much in advance for prompt reply!

All the best.