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xsengine - new Tenant - how to acces ?

Dec 12, 2017 at 04:43 PM


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Hello Everyone.

I have just added a Tenant Database to my HANA Express 2.0 SPS 2 System.

I now have a new Database, call it "DB2" and have registered it on the Cockpit Admin Web-app.

The new DB, DB2 has the gotten the following Services on Creation:

Inxexserver - default Host - default Port.

xsengine - default Host - default Port.

ScriptServer - default Host - default Port.


Now that i have a new Tenant Database, how do i start the new XSA Admin page, and how do i connect to SAP Web IDE (now running from the new xsengine on Tenant DB2).

Extra Question (not as Important, but not in anywhere to find):

I can't connect the new Tenant DB2 through my HANA Studio, is there something i need to activate for this to be able to happen. I want the Tenant Database to show on HANA Studio, though it always tells me it can't reach the System, the Port cannot be changed though.

servicesdb2.png (46.3 kB)
servicesdb2.png (46.3 kB)
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Florian Pfeffer
Dec 13, 2017 at 08:54 AM

Hi Gzim.

I think you are mixing up some things here. As you are talking about XSA and SAP WEB IDE I think you are working with XS Advanced. The xsengine service is for XS Classic development, so it is not really relevant for your case.

The XS Advanced Administration and SAP Web IDE application are not different for your new tenant. The only thing you have to manage is that you map your new tenant database to a space. Then when you create a new MTA project in SAP Web IDE you have to choose the relevant space. Due to the mapping between the space and the tenant db, artifacts of a HANA db module will be deployed to the mapped tenant database (of course the relevant space has to be enabled for development with the di-space-enablement-ui application).

So what you have to do:
- Create a new space (if you do not want to use an existing one) with the Organization and Space Management application (available in XS Advanced Administration).

- Create a new logical database with the SAP HANA Logical Database Setup application (available in XS Advanced Administration). Here you create a logical database for your tenant db, which is mapped in the next step to the your space.

- Map the created logical database to the space with the SAP HANA Service Broker Configuration application (available in XS Advanced Administration).

- Create a new MTA in SAP Web IDE and choose the space to which your tenant is mapped. Created database artifacts are deployed then to the tenant database (if everything worked :)).


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Hello Florian,

Thanks so much for your detailed Answer.

I have gone through the Steps that you have advised me to.

Although, when i try to add a User from my new Tenant to the XSA User Management, i cannot find the Users to Migrate, can you tell me why it is not possible to see Users in my new Tenant on the XSA Admin Page, so i can migrate them into XSA ?

Thanks so much!

Best wishes to You!


That was recently discussed here.


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Former Member Dec 12, 2017 at 08:30 PM

Hi Gzim,

For your first question, to access to HANA XS in multitenant DB you need to configures public URL for you tenant in the xsengine.ini file

in HANA studio

in hana studio:1. Open the Administration editor and choose the Configuration tab.2. Navigate to the xsengine.ini file and expand the public_urls section.3. For each tenant database in the system, add the new properties http_url and https_url at the database layer and enter its public URL as the value: http://<virtual_hostname>:80<instance>

or SQL:

For each tenant database, execute the statements:1. ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('xsengine.ini', 'database', '<tenant_DB_name>') SET ('public_urls', 'http_url') = 'http://<virtual_hostname>:80<instance>' WITH RECONFIGURE;2. ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('xsengine.ini', 'database', '<tenant_DB_name>) SET ('public_urls', 'https_url') = 'https://<virtual_hostname>:43<instance>' WITH RECONFIGURE;

Remember there are only XS service per system, so you need to create alias name for each tenant. (modify your hosts file in client to resolve aliase)

For your second question, to be able to login in your new tenant via HANA studio you need to specify tenant name and correct sql port, in HANA cockpit check the services for your tenant and check indexserver port, if this is for example 30040 (3<instance number><tenant index port>) you should use 30040 + 1 wich is 30041.


Luis de la Cruz.

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Great! Thank you, i finally managed to add it :)

Denys van Kempen
Dec 13, 2017 at 01:22 PM


You might want to give the XS Exam quiz a try

The quiz is not all that serious but the answers to the questions might help you get a better understanding of the initial (classic) and new (advanced) architecture of SAP HANA XS.


Denys / SAP HANA Academy

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