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tracking of original vendors and purchase orders on inter company purchase order inspection lots

Dec 12, 2017 at 01:46 PM


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Dear Experts,

Could you please provide me a solution to track the original vendor and PO for the consolidated stocks.

Here is the scenario

We can buy a serialized material A from different vendors (V1,V2,V3) to a plant 1000. A purchase order(no. PO1) is created for material A with vendor V1 and quantity is 3. The material A is flagged for inspection setup (on GR for Purchase order). So, now on doing the GR for PO inspection lot (no. INSLot1) is generated with SNs(ASN1, ASN2, ASN3). But here we don't have any proper equipments to do the testing of the material A. So we are just skipping the lot and booking it free stock. In free stock of plant 1000 the stocks are consolidated i.e. material A has a single stock even if we purchase it from different vendors(V1, V2, V3). Now the material A stock can be moved to another plant 2000 using CCPO(no.CCP01), vendor will be internal vendor(no. InterVend1) and quantity is 3(serial numbers are selected randomly). In plant 2000 also the serialized material A is flagged for inspection setup (on GR for Purchase order). At plant 2000 the equipment to do the inspections is available. So, now on doing the GR at 2000 a lot (no. INSLot2) is gernerated for serial numbers(ASN1,ASN3,ASN10) with the PO: CCP01 and vendor:InterVend1 but here we lost the original vendors and PO's information.

Thanks for any ideas


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Craig S
Dec 12, 2017 at 05:35 PM

Have you looked at using the MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) process and batch management?

I think to accomplish what you want to do, you'll need to use both of these.

If you do, depending on the reason you use serial numbers, it might be possible to do away with those.

I don't know enough about your business.

If you use batch management you can trace back to the original PO via the batch where used list.

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Former Member

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the response.

In our company stocks are not maintained at MPN level and we have no batch management maintained. Stocks are maintained at internal material number level. So while doing the YCUB order type we are just referring the company internal material and company internal vendor number. Could you please let me know any other suggestions.


Not really. Since you don't batch manage or use MPN's I don't see how you can track back once a material is receipted and goes into general inventory. When you move the material from plant A to plant B there is no way (in SAP) to know which stocks you are sending, material from vendor x or material from vendor y.