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Mar 27, 2008 at 11:52 AM

Generic Datasources issue u0096 one OLTP & two BW-System



We have defined Generic DataSources for transaction data in R/3. These DataSources are based on Generic Delta. Delta Specific Field is Calendar day (Field name AEDAT). Right now is the source system with only one BW-System (PROD1) connected. We load data from Generic DataSources once in a month. Generic DataSources are working perfect!

Issue: We want to copy the BW-Productive System (PROD1) into new BW-Productive System (PROD2) on one Saturday in coming future. The new BW Productive-System (PROD2) will be connecting to same R/3-System.

1) I should see two entries for one Generic DataSource in RSA7 (BW Delta Queue Maintance): one for PROD1 and second for PROD2. When I can see it?

2) What about the LUW entries per Generic DataSource for the system PROD2 in RSA7 (lets say that one DataSource contains 17 LUW entries for PROD1 before copying the PROD1 into PROD2 in RSA7)?

3) Any other hints regarding this issue to handle it.

Thanks for the answer.

Best regards,