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Dec 12, 2017 at 09:04 AM

Multiple HANA installations on one hardware?


Good Morning,

we are planning to build our first HANA-systems and cannot find a proper answer to our scenario.

Let me try to sketch our scenario a bit so it could help to answer the question.

Scenario 'now':

We have built our now running landscape on SLES 11.4 with multiple SAP-systems just cleanly divided by logical volumes, virtual hostnames and system parameters. To be more precise: We are running two ERPs and one SolMan on one hardware WITHOUT any VMware, HyperV or whatsoever layer. It works perfectly fine.

Scenario 'future':

We want to migrate the 'now-Scenario' to a HANA-ready hardware based on the sizing for all three SAP-installations together. The OS would be SLES 12.3, the two ERPs would migrate to S/4 on HANA and the SolMan would migrate to 7.2 on HANA.

Now the somewhat unusual question:

Is it possible / recommended to run the new three HANA-systems in one RAM like in the 'now-scenario'?

With the information we gathered already, we do not see any issues with that. Maybe someone has already experienced serious issues and / or has facts, notes, whitepapers or guides that clearly decline our plan.

Thanks in advance and kind regards