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Material Determination VB11 - Entries Overwritten

Hello SapFriends,

I need some help for the "Material Determination" functionality - VB11.

I have created and customized a new "Material Determination Type" (condition Type).

The condition table was created with "With Validity Period" indicator ON. So the records have the following contents

Client MANDT

Application KAPPL

Material determ.type KSCHL

Sales Organization VKORG

Distribution Channel VTWEG

Customer KUNNR

Material entered MATWA

Valid to DATBI

Valid on DATAB

Condition record no.KNUMH

First I created a record (VB11) and I saw the entry at tables KOTD999 & KONDD & KONDDP.

Then I created again (VB11) for the same key (sales org., Distr. Ch., customer, Material Entered, Period) another set of alternative materials and the system let me save this record EVENTHOUGH there was another one already saved.

The original one was lost. With VB13 I can see the last one. At KOTD999, field KNUMH shows the last. The original condition record at KONDD still exists at the table but it is not linked anymore with the KOTD999 record.

Is there a way to restrict the "SAVE" when a record already exists?

This was not happening when the condition table was created with "Validity Period" was OFF. The system gives the following message "The condition record entered already exists" Message no. VK065. This is the expected and correct reaction.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,

Elly Leondi

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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Mar 27, 2008 at 10:25 AM


    Dont know exactly whats the solution, just check this out if it helps you.

    Displays the log in the same way as you would display the condition analysis for pricing. Unlike in pricing, however, the analysis for material determination can only be carried out during the transaction, not retrospectively.

    The log contains information relevant to the condition analysis and specifies, for example:

    whether a condition record was found

    whether accesses were carried out and, if so, which ones

    why a material was substituted

    To activate/deactivate this function, select Environment - Analysis - Material determination - On/Off in the Header and Overview screens before entering the items.

    If this function is activated, the analysis log for material determination is displayed during item entry in the order.



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    • Hi  Sriram,

      It seems like STD SAP behavior.

      No notes or other threads regarding this issues could be found.

      The overwritten condtion records still exist in table KONDD, but there are not active or can be displayed through a STD SAP report.



  • Dec 27, 2012 at 04:13 PM

    This is standard SAP functionality and there is nothing wrong with this in my opinion. In pricing conditions too system behaves the same. This is because of validity periods. If in same validity period you save two condition records system will show the latest one.


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  • Dec 28, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    Hi Elly ,

    First of all , we have to know the Functionality of the Material Determination / Substitution.

    Material is Original Material .

    Material Entered is New Material as substituted by Original one .

    So ,in this case ,If you substituted any New Material from Original Material ( automatically ,the previous record will be lost,this means you are replaced from old one to new one) ,then this New material will be provided by company to customer.This is normal standard .

    My query on this is ,why do you want Old Condition Record instead of New one ( already ,you maintained new condition record to get the new material on old one .

    Can you give some inputs on this scenario.

    If you have any doubts please let me know.



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    • Hi ,

      what if there is an list to select at the time of order entry??

      Good Query from Sri , there is no list to select / choosing Material when you processing Order Entry .

      Ex: When you give the order to buy Mobile as Nokia Lumia  to any online shopping ,after gave the Mobile Nokia Lumia ,you found another new mobile in adds in TV's or hear from Company level means distributors who will selling that mobiles or any sources  ,that has latest version and also cheaper than before like it had good facilities. So ,in this case ,you can ask Mobile shop or searching for that mobile where you ordered mobile in Online . If yes ,then you can call to them and ask please replace the product as New Mobile like "HTC X" instead of Nokia Lumia whatever you want in place of Old one.

      Side Comment : When ever customer find or hear new product then only he can give the new one instaed of old one or some times company will tell latest upcoming products to all customers in adds or upload their products info in online also ( Company will suggest to purchase old one to new one) .

      If you have any doubts please let me know.