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Adding Outgoing Payments with Check

Hi friends,

I am having problem while adding Outgoing Payments through DI API using check payment. whatever I set bank code, that always use default bank to create Outgoing Payments.

Thank you in advance,


var messages = new Dictionary<string, string>();

foreach (var o in OutgoingPaymentsParams) {
	var outgoing = (Payments)company.GetBusinessObject(BoObjectTypes.oVendorPayments);

	outgoing.CardCode = o.CardCode;
	outgoing.DocDate = o.DocDate;
	outgoing.VatDate = o.DocDate;
	outgoing.DocType = o.DocType;
	outgoing.Reference2 = o.Reference;
	outgoing.CounterReference = o.Reference;
	outgoing.JournalRemarks = $"Outgoing: {o.Reference} - {o.CardCode}";

	outgoing.Invoices.InvoiceType = o.InvoiceType;
	outgoing.Invoices.DocEntry = o.DocEntry;
	outgoing.Invoices.SumApplied = (double)o.SumApplied;

	outgoing.Checks.BankCode = o.CheckBankCode;
	outgoing.Checks.CheckAccount = o.BankAccount;

	outgoing.Checks.CheckSum = (double)o.SumApplied;
	outgoing.Checks.DueDate = o.DocDate;

	if (outgoing.Add() == Projects.SAP.ActionSuccessCode) {
		messages.Add(o.CardCode, "Succes");

	int errorCode;
	string errorMessage;
	company.GetLastError(out errorCode, out errorMessage);
	messages.Add(o.CardCode, $"{errorCode}: {errorMessage}");
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  • What is the error message?

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    Hi Danilo,

    Thank you for your reply.

    No any error, that outgoing payment created with check, but wrong bank.

    For example,

    Two bank and bank code 1. Bank-A, 2. Bank-B, and in Company Details -> Basic Initialization tab, the default house bank is 'Bank-A',

    and above code snippet use outgoing.Checks.BankCode = "Bank-B"; but it still use Bank-A for that check.

    Thank you in advance,


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1 Answer

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    Dec 14, 2017 at 04:41 PM

    Just add your Country code + Bank code. For example "US^BOA" something like that.

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