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S4 Hana 1610: Vendor Migration through migration cockpit is not working.

We are trying to migrate vendor master through migration cockpit (LTMC).
The following procedure is opted;

1. Project was created and opened.
2. Selected and opened the migration object (Migration of Vendors).
3. Downloaded the format file.
4. The required information was incorporated the in the format downloaded, the same file was uploaded.
5. Activated the file, and the status turned green.
6. Started the transfer process.
7. Data validation process was completed the system gave the following messages, "Information required; specify mapping values in step ‘Convert Values".
8. All values were mapped in the convert values process, no error were report after mapping.
9. Simulate import process was executed and completed without any errors, following warning message was reported, "Test migration Z_VENDOR_004: no extended validations, no updates in receiver system"
10. After that execute report process was executed and completed with following messages
a. Start of processing Z_VENDOR_004 (access plan 00001)
b. control parameter _cp_ctr_vend_numbrg_s = 00001
c. End of processing Z_VENDOR_004
d. End of batch processing.
11. After completion of the execution process, we selected the finish button, the status turned green.
12. while checking the vendor master at tcode BP, no vendors were created and displayed. Please suggest if there is anything we need to do in configuration and during the execution of LTMC for successful vendor migration.

The process has been repeated few time but no vendors have been created so far through migration cockpit.

Kind Regards

Rehan Aziz

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5 Answers

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    Jan 05, 2018 at 05:27 AM

    This issue has been resolved, we were uploading the data with internal number range. We changed the BP number to external for the group and it worked. Anyone who is facing the same issue please keep the number ranges to external for vendor master data upload, this will enable you to upload the data through migration cockpit.

    Do not forget to change the number range to internal after upload if you are using internal number range for BP.

    Kind Regards

    Rehan Aziz

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    • Former Member

      Hello Rehan,

      May I ask if you have tried uploading BP-Vendor Person? The available template works only for Organization type.

      Thank you!

  • Apr 12, 2018 at 07:14 PM

    Hey Rehan,

    We have created a Z business partner grouping.

    Could you please let me know which field should be used for updating that in LTMC template.


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  • Apr 16, 2018 at 10:42 AM

    Hi Naga,

    In order to set the BP grouping, you have to edit the vendor object (tx LTMOM) since that field is not mapped in the standard one.

    You have two options:

    • Set a fixed value directly from the field mapping area if all the vendors use the same grouping
    • Create a new field on source structure and then map it with the target structure (each vendor can have different grouping)

    For the first one, you just have to move a fixed value to the grouping field in "Field Mapping" area:

    For the second option, first, create a new field for the grouping in the source structure "S_SUPPL_GEN" (don't forget to update the customer view)

    Then map your new field with the field in the structure "IT_BP_GENERAL":

    Then generate the object and download the template again . Now you should have a new field in the tab "General Data" with the grouping.


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    • hello Marcelo,

      Thanks for your response. I was not able to add new fields in LTMOM but after implementing couple notes, we were able to add BP grouping & type.

      We are 1610 and the other challenge, I am facing is that "Name 2" field is mandatory in the load file where in LTMOM under "Edit Source Structures", field "NAME_LAST" is not flagged as a "key field".

      Could you please let me know how a field can be made optional (OR) if this is a bug which should be reported to SAP.


  • Jan 24 at 03:16 PM


    To make the field mandatory or not in the load file, right click on the structure and choose "Display view" as showed in the second screenshot from Marcelo ( Complete path is : Double Click "Edit Structure"->Expand "Source Structure"->Right click on the structure->"Display view". )

    Once you do that , on the right hand side, you will be able to make a field "Required" ( which is similar to mandatory ) or "Visible" ( to make it visible in load template ) or "Not Visible" ( To hide it from load template ).

    Hope this helps you move forward!

    Thanks and Regards,

    Dharshan A

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    • Hello Darshan,

      We are in 1610 version and unfortunately, all the standard fields (which come with the migration object) are greyed out and hence I am unable to make any changes. (Please look at the image attached.)

      Also, when I loading a BP with a Z group which is different from suppliers (Example: Employee), I am getting the following error. (I did not get this for a supplier)

      Missing key relationship in S_SUPPL_COMPANY

      Message no. DMC_RT_MSG189

      Company code data in the file is good. Could you please help me troubleshoot this issue, also if you give me some guidance on how to debug LTMOM, it would a great help.




  • Jan 31 at 07:29 PM

    Hi Naga,

    The image is broken i suppose, i am not able to open it. Also, which feature pack stack of 1610 are you working in ?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Dharshan A

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    • hello Dharshan,

      Thanks for your response.

      We are on feature pack stack 0 of 1610. I have attached a screenshot of LTMOM, please check.

      Also, could you please/provide some guidance on how we can troubleshoot/debug an issue while loading data using LTMC. I have tried external breakpoint in the RFC which is called but the breakpoint does not stop.



      ltmom.jpg (82.8 kB)