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Mar 27, 2008 at 01:35 AM

Variables defined in Filters, apearing as Web Template selections.


Hi Experts,

I have an issues where I have created varaiables to be used for a Copy function, that are now apearing on the selection screen as I execute WEB template.

Here are the steps I went through.

1) Create user defined variables:

- orderfrom

- orderto

- versionfrom

- versionto

- fyperfrom

- fyperto

2) The I created a Copy plan function, and defined the above variables in the condition section of the Copy function.

3) Created a filter, where I also entered all of the above variables, so that I can get the right sequence in my pop-up in the web template.

4) This filter is then defined as an 'infoprovider' in my WAD template. And used with my Copy function in WAD.

5) I also tried the same thing, but instead by using a plan sequence which combines the Filter (with the variables) and the Copy function.

The problem I've noticed is, if my Filter contains variables, then ALL of those variables that are in my Filter, are apearing also on my selection screen at the time of launching my web template (queries).

WHY ?? Has anyone had similar problems?

Why does it need you to populate those variables defined in the filter for the purpose of the Copy function at the time of executing the template??

These variables should only be visible in a pop-up when you decide to execute the function, not at the start when you're only just executing the query.