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SAP Disclosure Management 10.1. Problem with XBRL taxonomy

Dec 11, 2017 at 04:06 PM


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Hello, we are working with SAP Disclosure Management 10.1 SP 06.

We are trying to upload the latest version of a taxonomy. We have managed to load the file with the taxonomy and we have imported the entry point successfully, but when we try to open the 'XBRL Mapper Add-in' in MS Excel, only the following message appears:

"A newer version of taxonomy has been uploaded. To get the newest version update the entry point first"

Does anyone know how to fix it?


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3 Answers

Marc Kuipers
Dec 11, 2017 at 07:14 PM

Hello Daniel,

Try this:

1) On the report you get the message on, check the XBRL instance it is linked to (in report settings)

2) Open the XBRL report,

Select the XBRL Taxonomy item, and click on the XBRL Taxonomy tab

Select the taxonomy (period/report/chapter)

Click 'Save"


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Former Member Dec 12, 2017 at 04:50 PM

Hi Mark, thanks for your answer.

I have checked in my report I have everything as you indicate, but when I try to open the 'DM XBRL Mapper' the same message still appears.

Any other idea?

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What happens if you click on the "load taxonomy" button?

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Hello Marc, thank you again for your answer.

When I click on the button 'Load Taxonomy' nothing happens, the system does nothing. With the button 'Reload' the same message appears again.

As additional information, I clarify the steps I have followed to load the taxonomy:

  • I have created a period with 3 reports: type 'Data Cache', type 'XBRL Report' and type 'XBRL'.
  • In 'Configuration', I assign the 'XBRL' report of the period to the 'Data Cache' report.
  • I upload the .zip file with the taxonomy in the type report 'XBRL Taxonomy'.
  • I import the entry point successfully. In the report of type 'XBRL', in the chapter of 'Taxonomy' I keep the imported entry point.
  • I open the file saved in the report of type 'Data Cache' and in Excel I start the 'DM XBRL Mapper'. There I see the error that I have already commented and I can not move forward.

Is it possible that the system detects different taxonomies that exist in other periods and causes some kind of incongruence? We have other reports in different periods in which there are loaded other taxonomies that the 'DM XBRL Mapper' can open without problem, can the structure of folders loaded in the WebDAV cross some data?


Hi Daniel

Procedure seems OK to me - I suggest you open an incident with SAP Support, so that we can share files etc.


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Ok, thank you Marc.


One final remark - do you also import the entry points on the taxonomy chapter itself?

Marc Kuipers
Dec 13, 2017 at 08:41 PM

Hello Daniel

I have reproduced your issue, and I believe you skip a step in your setup that leads to this message

To start, I have a report (Excel), an XBRL taxonomy, and an XBRL instance

The Excel is linked to the Instance

My taxonomy has been uploaded, and entry point is imported

In the XBRL instance (on Taxonomy tab), the link to this taxonomy is made and entry point is saved

When I start the XBRL mapper, all is working OK

Now, a new taxonomy is uploaded (in the taxonomy report). In this case, a new base taxonomy, This example uses the Colombian taxonomy. For US SEC, it would be more likely to be the extended taxonomy. but I believe you may only have base taxonomy as well (with entry points within the base)?

If you now start the XBRL mapper, you get this message - same as what you describe

The reason is, that tn the taxonomy (so the taxonomy report, not the XBRL instance), the entry point will show "update available"

Once you have re-imported this, the XBRL mapper will work fine again


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I just got the same error message when opening DM XBRL Mapper.

I am working with the DM Starter Kit (stack 1100) and opened the Data Cache Report (Period: U.S. GAAP - Yearly, Report: USG-Y - Data Cache). The report is configured as linked to the USG-Y - XBRL Instance.

All Taxonomy entry points of the USG-Y - XBRL Taxonomy are with Status "New".

In the XBRL instance (on Taxonomy tab), the link to this taxonomy is made and entry point is saved.

When opening the XBRL Mapper for the Data Cache Report, I get the message

"A newer version of taxonomy has been uploaded. To get the newest version update the entry point first"

After pressing "OK", the taxonomy appears in the Mapping Area as usual.
But, other than in the Starter Kit Configuration Overview, page 23, printscreen for the example of dimensional tagging, no dimensions appear.

Is this normal behaviour?

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Update: Solved!

It seems that this was caused by the fact, that the Starter Kit includes extension taxonomies which had not yet been saved to the taxonomy folders on our drives oustide of DM database.

I just got the problem solved by re-uploading the extension taxonomy.

After the re-upload, I followed the normal procedure as described by you in your earlier answers.

It all works fine now!


Good point Manuela

DM stores its taxonomy information in 2 places

- in DB

- on the application server (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SAP\SAP Disclosure Management\Data\Upload\Taxonomy)

If you restore just a DB (like with the Starter Kit), the 2nd part is missing which leads to errors

See: 2520720 - DM - Taxonomies issues in US SEC scenario