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Dec 11, 2017 at 01:08 PM

Value help dialog in smart filterbar

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I'm using a a value help dialog in a smart filterbar.

The value help dialog displays 2 columns which are the only properties of the entity. One of these columns is the key.

In value help dialog I can see the 2 columns but I can't see all the lines. When I scroll down, scroll bar move but the display of the lines isn't updated (I always see same lines), but data are updated. So when I scroll down (lines in table don't change) and when I click a line, value shows in selection bar is the value I should show in table.

Issue is the same if I use only annotation, or if I code the value help manually as custom control in smart filterbar.

Do you know why I can't scroll down the list ?

Version of SAP UI5 is 1.38.

Thanks in advance for your answer.