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Mar 26, 2008 at 01:14 PM

Creating key figures in report writer



i'm making a new report painter/ writer and i find a problem. The process that i've made already is:

1- create a view table with the tables i need.

2- make the corresponding entries into T804A and T804E tables.

3- I create the library for my Z table.

4- then i go to GS32 to create key figures and i get nothing. We are in 4.6C.

I tried to import/ export key figures from other libraries and SAP says that all is imported, but in GS32 i have no one either.

If i go to GR22 and push 'key figures' button for my library i get a dump. It says:


What happened?

The current screen processing was terminated, since a situation

occurred from which it could not continue processing.

This is probably due to an error in the current screen of the ABAP


Error analysis

Program "SAPMGRWL" was terminated.

The following error occurred: (short text of error cause)

"FX100: An attempt was made to read beyond end of internal table."


Screen name..............."SAPMGRWL"

Screen number.............0613

This is an error that occurred during processing of an internal table in

conjunction with field or variable "INDEX_FROM".

Some help??. I will reward.