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Credit management should not consider oldest open items

Dec 09, 2017 at 12:01 PM


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Hi all,

As per our new business requirement,system should not consider oldest open items ,so system should consider open orders,open deliveries,open billing document and open items(exclude oldest open items ),

i have activated dynamic credit check ,but system still considering oldest open items ,please help how to exclude oldest open items


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1 Answer

Veselina Peykova
Dec 09, 2017 at 12:37 PM

By 'exclude oldest open items' you meant 'not perform a check based on the age of open item', not that you wish to exclude certain items from open items check as well - did I understood you correctly?

If yes - did you examine the other settings in the same place where you activated dynamic credit check to be performed for the credit control are/risk category/document group combination?

Are you testing with fresh data (new customer, new documents)?

What do you see in check_cm for the problematic orders?

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Former Member

Hi Vaselina,

Your correct ,my client requirement is system should exclude overdue documents(oldest open items) from open items,


In the new platform when you use answer instead of comment people do not receive notifications that you provided an update, which can be a reason to get no responses or very delayed ones.

Anyway, back to your case - you did not answer my other questions, which can mean that you already know how to solve the problem on your own by following the hints provided - exploring OVA8, testing with fresh data and using check_cm for investigation.

If your query has been answered - please close the question by following the steps described here: What to do with my answered questions?

If you still need help from forum members - you will need to provide sufficient information for this to be possible.


As already indicated, whenever you add any further information to your original post, please do so under Comment and not under Answer, as you were not answering to the query but only providing additional informations. I have converted your update under Answer as Comment.