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Unable to run Java application. JRE Problem?

Hi all,

Im trying to run my Java application in Netweaver Developer studio 7.0. It used to work, but when I try to run the application, im getting the following error... Any advice?

Illegal option: -Xbootclasspath:C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.1\lib\rt.jar

Java(tm) Runtime Loader Version 1.1.8_010

Usage: jre [-options] classname [arguments]


-?, -help print out this message

-v, -verbose turn on verbose mode

-verbosegc print a message when garbage collection occurs

-noasyncgc disable asynchronous garbage collection

-noclassgc disable class garbage collection

-ss<number> set the maximum native stack size for any thread

-oss<number> set the maximum Java stack size for any thread

-ms<number> set the initial Java heap size

-mx<number> set the maximum Java heap size

-D<name>=<value> set a system property

-classpath <path> set class path to <path>

-cp <path> prepend <path> to base class path

-verify verify all classes when loaded

-verifyremote verify classes loaded from the network (default)

-noverify do not verify any classes

-nojit disable JIT compiler

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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Mar 26, 2008 at 06:18 PM


    Maybe you give a little more details. What app you are programming? What JDK are you using? ....



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  • Feb 01, 2010 at 02:38 PM

    Hello Neelan,

    the messages you posted contain several references to Java 1.1 - which is much too old to run anything from NetWeaver 7.0.

    I assume you've somehow "uncovered" the old Java RE from Windows (which happens to be a 1.1 JRE, before Microsoft and Sun started their dispute about Microsoft-specific Java extensions).

    Please check the value of the JAVA_HOME environment variable, and check the list of installed Java RE's / SDK's in the NetWeaver Development Studio.

    Best regards, Christian

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    Feb 01, 2010 at 11:38 PM

    I agree with Christian.

    The reason you get the error is that Xbootclasspath is a non-standard option and probably was not part of the first java versions.

    You tried to start your app with a JVM version 1.1.8_010.

    Iu2019m very surprised that you have java version 1.1, which was released in February 1997.

    The minimum required version is 1.4.2.


    Ventsi Tsachev

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    • Hello Ventsi,

      I somehow remember that MicroSoft shipped an 1.1 Java RE with some Windows versions, and I guess that JRE is still lingering around in the world.

      Best regards, Christian