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Mar 25, 2008 at 03:48 PM

ITSMOBILE - Screencontrol


Dear all,

we are using ITSMOBILE Framework for Scanner Apps (Symbol Scanner/Windows Mobile). Everything works fine but there is an issue we are not sure how to solve best.


Field1: ________________ (Scan-Engine sends Tab after every scan)

Field2. ________________ (Scan-Engine sends Tab after every scan)

In the right upper corner of the Scanner Screen we have the OK and EXIT Icons

So what happens: We scan field1, Scanner sends TAB, the field2 has the Focus, we scan field2, Scanner sends TAB. AND NOW THE PROBLEM the browsers adress bar is active (the cursor jumps to). After pressing Enter the page is reloaded (because browser bar is active).

So how can I make my app jump to the OK button or send the OK-Code back to SAP automatically after scanning field2?

I would prefere a solution without changing the generated template to keep livecycle costs low.

Best regards