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'no changes were made' error in LSMW for customer Master Data Upload

Dec 12, 2017 at 09:18 AM


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Hi all,

I am uploading customer master data using batch input recording lsmw. All Transactions are processed successfully but No changes are made and customers are not shown in the system(FD03). the point is that , once I delete vendor number field from my recording and excel file, it works.

I have tried uploading without vendor number and then updating vendor number by using another lsmw for changing master data. But again same problem happend with vendor number.

Could anyone help me solve this problem?

thanks in advance

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what is the T.code that is recorded in the LSMW


if this question has been answered already, could you please refer me to the concerning thread please:),I've searched but haven't found any solution for this issue.


recording was done using FD01 Tcode

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Dec 12, 2017 at 02:11 PM
I just tested the recording and I can click the save button after entering a vendor number in the control view and it gets saved. If you just hit enter then you get of course to the next page if there are no other mandatory fields to fill.Can it be that you tried clicking the save button while you have a status message? Status messages have to be confirmed with ENTER before you can continue.I would actually expect that you receive on of the following messagesF2 291 Vendor &1 is currently unlinked and is updated accordingly F2 292 Vendor &1 currently refers to customer &2 Run your batch input in foreground and you will see how SAP responds and where it actually sticks
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I ran it in the foreground and there was no status message.I tried it using a wrong vendor number and it showed error message which said this vendor doesn't exist, but when entering correct vendor numbers I have in the excel file,it doesn't display any error and it just doesn't create the customer at the end.:(


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Raymond Giuseppi
Dec 12, 2017 at 10:39 AM

Are you updating/creating customers, with reference to some already existing vendors?

  • Did you check correct data format,
  • Did you check Customizing compliance (account groups, etc.)
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could you please tell in details that what I need to check in customizing and data format?


yes Raymond,I'm creating customers and filling vendor field from vendors which have been already created in the system.

and there is one more thing to say, when recording using FD01 in case I enter vendor number then recording does not let me to click save icon and it jumps to next screen which shows recorded fields. I guess this is the reason for not creating customers at the end of running batch input in spite of having no errors and having all transactions processed.


So you may be required to adjust your BDC when vendor is filled as the UPDA code seems to be executed on another dynpro.

Do you notice same behavior when directly executing FD01/XD01, not with SHDB?

For Customizing, ask your functionals, some fields change can trigger some workflow or hold account (e.g. sensitive fields) check also for authorization failures with SU53.


when I directly insert vendor field executing XD02/FD02/FD01/XD01,no error happens and it is updated and saved.


Yes but since you are using a BDC recording have you verified that recording is valid and works as expected in all the scenarios? As already suggested, different data can trigger different flow and the same recording might not work correctly.


I have tried this recording on our old R3 system and there was no problem."changes have been made" message was shown at the end of recording as well.but in our ECC6 it shows "No changes were made". I just feel that there is something wrong about vendor number assignment to customer and it should be on customizing side, but can't get what it exactly is.Moreover I'm new to SAP and I'm working in FI module not much familiar with ABAP and I need more help and precised explanation from your side my expert friends:)