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Oct 20, 2016 at 09:24 AM

BPC XMLA Documentation or How to use?


Dear People,

I am trying to search any information about BPC XMLA, and how to connect to SAP BPC 10 MS to retrieve an XML somehow to provide information to other systems, aparently I need this but is amost imposibble to find any documentation on this.

I've only found how to connect/install but no how to use this to query BPC??

Someone can point me to the correct document or Guide?

I was trying to build this xml using Xcelsius service but is my BPC MS 10 installations is not compatible and this is discontinued. (It was for SAP Business Planning andConsolidation 7.0 Version for Microsoft SP3)

Is there any other way? apart from creating a specific webservice to SQL?

Many thanks in advance