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Mar 25, 2008 at 02:30 AM

ADDON_CONFLICTS while applying SAP_APPL support packs in ECC 6.0 IDES


Hi all

I am trying to apply support packs in ECC 6.0 (IDES system) and have applied support packs successfully for the following

SAP_ABA (level 9 to 11)

SAP_BASIS (level 9 to 11)

PI_BASIS (level 9 to 11)

SAP_BW (level 9 to 12)

SAP_AP (level 6 to 8)

SAP_HR (level 7 to 15)

When i try to apply support pack for SAP_APPL (level 6 to 8) I get an error which is as follows

"The conflict check detected conflicts between the Add-On FI-CA release 600 and the Support Package SAPKH60007".

Please suggest me on how to resolve this error using CRTs. I have searched service market place for CRTs but was not able to find it. The error message is as below.

Phase ADDON_CONFLICTS_?: Explanation of Errors

Conflicts were found between the Support Packages that you want to

import and the Add-Ons installed in the system. To guarantee the

consistency of your system, the import is interrupted until all Conflict

Resolution Transports (CRTs) for the listed Support Packages are

included in the queue.

To include the CRTs in the queue, proceed as follows:

- Write down the Support Packages and Add-Ons that have conflicts.

- Leave this screen by choosing 'Cancel' (F12).

- Load the CRTs for the Support Packages with conflicts from the SAP

Service Marketplace or request them from your Add-On supplier.

- Define the extended queue again in the Support Package Manager.

- Import the queue. The Support Package Manager executes all steps from

the beginning.

If the problem involves an SAP Add-On, see SAP Note 53902, which tells

you which CRTs resolve the conflicts. Otherwise contact the supplier of

your Add-On for details on how to proceed.

The following contains a table of Support Packages for each Add-On for

which conflicts were detected. The column 'Information on the Conflict

Resolution' specifies how you can resolve a conflict. For more

information, select the corresponding 'Information for the Conflict


Conflicts Between Add-On FI-CA 600 and Support Packages

Software Component Release Support Package Information on

Conflict Resolution

SAP_APPL 600 SAPKH60007 Include CRT

SAPKH60008 Include CRT

Thanks and regards


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