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How to complete a sales order after PGI

Dec 08, 2017 at 08:16 PM


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I have about 70 sales orders that have the net value deleted out of the order. The orders have already shipped and have made it all the way to the goods issue status, but because the orders are "incomplete", I can't create an invoice in VF01.

How do I complete the sales orders by updating the net value per KG, if the sales order is closed due to the PGI?

Thank you!!

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3 Answers

Veselina Peykova
Dec 10, 2017 at 12:44 PM

My guess is that you meant that the base price and maybe a few more conditions were either not determined or were subsequently removed from the document.

It is interesting to know how and why this happened in the first place - did you try to investigate this? The reasons could range from poor user training to development, configuration, incorrect ticket handling, master data issues etc. It is important to prevent this from happening in the future.

As to solving the current situation from technical perspective - why don't you maintain whatever conditions are missing and reprice the orders (if the reason is a missing condition record), or if the problem is with incorrectly updated fields in the order - populate them with mass change (provided you know what needs to be set in each document) and then reprice? There is a chance that some orders may end up with credit block, but if you are working on a ticket for so many orders, the credit department and the sales representatives are probably aware of the situation and will assist you if this happens.

I cannot understand what is the specific challenge that you face, considering that in a standard system one can correct pricing in sales orders if there are no official billing documents yet. Of course, if you sent proformas to customers with wrong prices and especially if you received wrong advance amounts, you will need to handle this on per-case basis.

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Deepu Narayan Dec 10, 2017 at 04:16 PM

while creating VF01 update the conditions with net val per kg if manual condition is available

if not reverse PGI with VL09, delete delivery doc , change order , reprice ,create del again with original PGI date and do goods issue and billing

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Wouldn't let me reply to a comment...

When trying to investigate this root cause, we think it must be due to a system mass update rather than a user error. The multiple orders I have to fix are all around the same shipment date which is why I believe there was a mass update that somehow deleted the pricing.

I cannot maintain the price in VA02 because the order is already "fully delivered" status and will not allow me to update pricing. (attached)

When I go to analysis under the conditions tab, it is showing everything there (I checked with the pricing team to make sure), yet it still says condition record is missing. (attached)

Please let me know if this information helps


goods-issue.png condition-analysis.png no-price.png
goods-issue.png (23.0 kB)
no-price.png (76.8 kB)

wouldn't a mass update leave traces in the change log?


Aaa... yes, your userID is new, hopefully soon you will obtain sufficient authorizations to use comments.

It is strange that in your system you cannot reprice the order after goods issue if you have not yet created a billing document - in standard this happens only after you create the billing document.

This is an order item with goods issue for the delivery posted, no billing created, no custom variants applied and not influenced by code in exit for field modification.

One possible reason could be custom code that disables some options in the order based on certain checks. If this is the case, the logic is documented somewhere in the project documentation and usually in such cases people leave a few options for the support team to solve problems while working on a ticket and bypass the read-only restriction. There may be a custom program for such corrections or additional authorization assignment may be required or this might be possible via VA05 or via new pricing document option from the menu in VA02 - it really depends on what the designer and the developer chose as an approach.

It is also possible that the reason why you cannot update prices is that on top of the missing net value there is some database inconsistency. If this is what really happened (you can check in a test system if for correctly processed documents after goods issue and without billing you are allowed to reprice), then it is better to investigate the root cause and fix the inconsistency before trying to fix the pricing. SAP delivers a correction report for pricing, but in note 201187 it is clearly stated that it should be executed only if this is specified in another note.

Abhishek Shukla Dec 10, 2017 at 12:13 AM

Hi Kaila,

Please go-to sales order in change mode and update the weight in shipping tab ,then try to create billing document.

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