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Mar 24, 2008 at 05:01 PM

Process Type - Delete overlapping requests from an Info Cube


I have read many threads on this topic, still have some questions. To give you background, I will be doing delta load (“delta” process chain). But before delta, I want to do setup initialization (“init” process chain). I want to use this process type in my “init” process chain” to delete all data in my cube loaded from a specific ods. I cannot use delete all contents process type because many ods’s feed the same cube.

1. Do you put this process type after Load Data or before Load Data. I have seen both cases in SDN forums.

2. Variant of this process type is an info package. Does this info package have to be same as in load data step or it can be different.

3. I want to delete all data in cube which was loaded from my ods. Term overlapping is confusing to me. Will this process type delete all data or not.

Tanks in advance.