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AUSP table - read classification

Hi Experts,

We're currently replicating from non-HANA SAP ERP system to a HANA rev 122 with SLT and are facing an issue with formatting of material characteristic values in AUSP table.

We've explored options to:

  1. replicate table to HANA and call function module in source system to do characteristic value conversions to what we see in SAP. That is a performance concern when replicating and doing RFC call for each record.
  2. replicate relevant tables 1:1 to SLT server and calling FM directly in SLT system, but then we are introducing timing issues and persisting data in multiple systems.
  3. extend table in SAP ERP to add converted values, but that is not preferred and we'd really like to do this on the fly using standard SAP functionality.
  4. develop BW based extractor and it is really not ideal since it needs to be defined for each individual characteristic and is not very flexible.
  5. use format() or other function in HANA views to convert values doesn't format how we'd expect since it presupposes date format conversion and fails otherwise.

Is there a sixth option that we should be considering?



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