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display multiline values in UI task

Hi all,
here's my issue: I have appx. 100 repositories in my IDM 8.0 landscape. Each of them has system specific attributes such as admin unit, user type, valid from and valid to. Now, displaying all of these attributes in a UI task is not very nice. So, I thought I create a new multi value attribute whose values will dynamically filled based on the corresponding user mskey. If a userID exists in 15 of the 100 repositories, only the information of these 15 repositories will be displayed.

Storage: general attribute of type text ("multivalue attribute" option is marked)
Attribute values: via SQL query

SELECT attrname + ': ' + avalue FROM idmv_value_basic_all WITH(NOLOCK) WHERE mskey = %USERMSKEY% AND ( attrname LIKE 'SAPC_IDEN_REP_VALID%' OR attrname LIKE 'SAPC_IDEN_REP_ADMIN%' OR attrname LIKE 'SAPC_IDEN_REP_USERTYPE%' OR attrname LIKE 'SAPC_IDEN_REP_DISABLED%' ) order by attrname

I added this attribute to a UI display task.
Now, this is only working with the presentation type "Multiselect". Also, the attribute must not declared as read-only. In the result for a user account the system specific attributes will be displayed in a table form where on the left the "available values" are displayed (filled via SQL query) and on the right side the "selected values" table is shown.

I tried several configurations but I did not get a simple multiline output where all values of the SQL query will be displayed in a simple list.. If I set the read-only option in the UI task the table remains empty.. tried other presentation types.. same result, no values shown.

Any ideas?

Regards, Richard

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1 Answer

  • Dec 12, 2017 at 03:52 AM

    Hi Richard,

    Do you have a screen to show your ideas/issues? I am not sure if I could follow your questions.

    Your SQL query basically return a list of values separated by "!!". if you want it to be displayed properly, you may replace these delimiter with "\n" and then save the value back into the text attribute. It doesn't need to be a multi value attribute. Or you may replace the delimiter with a "|" so that it can be displayed in multivalue object?



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    • Hello Richard,

      there is an internal replace function. We use something similar to display only certain values of several textfields, but we create that list one time (for a request workflow) and with not nearly so much data.

      But I think you will need to work with a script here and fill the multiline field via a task. At the moment you just work with one field filled via the sql statement directly in the attribute. That way you can't really manipulate the result to your needs. But you could create a task and call that each time you open the UI task. We don't use it, but isn't there an option like "Call this task first" (and the opposite, "Call this task afterwards")? You could use that to fill the multiline field dynamicly for each entry you open the UI task for.