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Show a selected work order, in a work order list, with single click action to see the details

Dec 07, 2017 at 08:27 PM


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Hi all,

i'm developing a sap work manager(v6.3) application and my situation is, when the application starts i want to have the first work order selected to see the related information. This is a list of main work orders that will have sub-work orders(or none) related. I'm using the "single click action" to simulate a dropdown menu, it works(the navigation) but when i check the "allow single action" disables the "selected" option to select the first work order at the application start.

Right now the sequence is, when i start the application, i have the work order list and no details(grey screen on the right), then when i select a row it will trigger a custom action to navigate to the screen copy to show the sub work order from the selected main work order. To see the details for the main work order i have to nav back.

My question is, it is possible to make a workaround to let me see the details before navigate? (maybe a double click action somehow) and have to remove the navigation from the work orders without sub work orders.

Can someone help me on this? Or any other suggestions?

I'm using SWM (6.3), SMP(3.0) and IOS(11.0.1) on Agentry plug-in to Eclipse Juno(don't know if there is another IDE to develop the app).

Thanks in advance :)

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Bill Froelich
Dec 08, 2017 at 06:53 AM

In terms of the Editor, the SP16 release supports Eclipse Oxygen and is available for download.

I'm not sure I am following your scenario. With the typical list / detail view you don't use the single click action. This allows you to have different displays for the selected WO and the other WOs in the list. The detail pane targets the selected item in the list to automatically refresh when the WO is selected.

I'm not following the whole sub-WO thing in terms of what you are trying to accomplish. Can you share some screen shots of how it works today?


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Hi Bill,

I'm using SP10, this is not a screen shot from my app but it's similar to this. The scenario is that, i have on this screen two type of work, 4 and 5, the type five is an aggregation of type 3(parent and children), for this i created a full copy of the standard screen set, shown on picture, and applied a navigation action with the single click action.

The problem is that i can't have a selected type five when start the app by default. Also, when i select a type 5 to check its details automatically triggers the navigation to its children.

What i pretend to implement is, to have the first work order selected when i start the application(to show its details), and only navigates to its children with double click(otherwise after select a type 5 it will navigate to the screen copy with the children and then i have to nav back to check the details from the selected work order). i'm also using on the left an "Field" with "Edit Type": "List Tile View".

Can you help me on this task? Or maybe point me to another way to implement what i pretend on this task.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Bill,

I found a solution for my problem, thank you anyway.


Glad yo have it working. Please close out the question.