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Former Member
Mar 24, 2008 at 09:57 AM

Depreciation Calculation


Dear All ,

I am trying to post depreciation for one of my assets with the following scenario

Asset Value Date Asset Value Dep. Calculated by the system

01.04.2007 100000 15000 (First Acquisition)

01.06.2007 100000 15000 (Subsequent Addition)

01.03.2008 100000 15000 (Subsequent Addition)

My fiscal year start from April and end in Mar and I am using WDV method with 15% dep. rate . As you can see from above the system is calculating depreciation for the whole year irrespective of the day of acquisition i.e asset value date. For second line item the system should have calculated the dep. Only for 10 months and for 3rd line item only for 1 month.

I think the system is taking Ordinary Dep start date i.e 01.04.2007 (which gets defaulted automatically once you do the first acquisition) as the start date for calculating depreciation even for the additions done to the asset later on and as such calculating dep. For the whole year.

Is there anyway I can configure the system to take asset value date and not the O.dep. start date for calculating depreciation ?

Thank You